Entertainment Vine – May 17, 2014

"It is the perfect album to lift your spirits and refocus your mood to enjoy the day. For that we owe Rene, along with his amazing musicians and vocalists, a great deal of gratitude."

Popshifter – May 23rd, 2014

"Paint The Moon Gold is a cohesive, high-energy album that is paced cleverly. In fact, the album picks up in pace in the last quarter, leaving the listener on a high, rather than drifting off to sleep, lulled by quiet songs and quiet ideas. It’s a smart trick."

Jester Jay August 11, 2014

"Although the arrangements are fully developed, he remains true to his singer/songwriter roots by dressing up his personal experiences with just the right touch of evocative metaphor."


Blurt Magazine – Dec. 9, 2011

8/10 Stars
“E.L.S. is a moniker for “Electric Latin Soul,” and Rene Lopez more than meets that head-on on his groove-happy new CD. Over eleven tracks he mixes and matches electro-powered combinations of cumbia, boogaloo, rock, jazz, hip hop and shing-a-ling into classy configurations, always with an eye and ear towards a scintillating groove.”


Remezcla – Oct. 20, 2011

“‘I Flow’ by Nuyorican artist Rene Lopez is a hot tune that mixes his Hispanic and American musical influences: hip-hop vocals, bangin’ percussion, a brass section, and rock guitars. None of it sounds forced and the track flows smoother than Puerto Rican rum (no small feat in itself!).”


Austin Vida – Aug. 30, 2011

“…I am listening to Rene Lopez’ new album, E.L.S (Electric Latin Soul). Chock full of funky Boogaloo beats that make you get up and groove and lyrics that make you smile, this is the album to listen to when you want to shake away the blues, open the windows and let the sun shine in. Likewise, Rene Lopez himself is like a ray of sunlight.”

Streetdate – Aug. 29, 2011

“Every once in a while an artist comes along with a fresh new sound that can only be described as “of the moment.” Such is the case with E.L.S., short for “Electro Latin Soul,” which is both the title of the new album from Rene Lopez and the best description of the sounds contained therein. Lopez, born in The Bronx to Puerto Rican parents, has condensed a lifetime of musical influences like salsa, boogaloo, and Latin soul into a rhythmic rock ‘n roll mezcla (mix) designed to get hips moving and feet tapping.”


MTV Iggy – July 19, 2011

“…Rene sings, drums, makes charming small talk with individual members of his audience and also adjusts his wardrobe simultaneously. He bent over and tied his shoelaces in the middle of a song and didn’t miss a breath. Then he was back into the feelgood beats that brought on the smiles again. I wish life were as effortless as this man makes it look. Until that happens, there’s Rene’s music in the meantime.”