First Listen: Rene Lopez “Love Has No Mercy”

Eclectic musician Rene Lopez is a jack of many sonic trades, gearing up to release his new ‘Love Has No Mercy’ EP (duo out October 21 via Liberation Label). The NYC-based gentleman has been known to dabble heavily in the worlds of salsa and soul, but his new record is- simply put- made to take embrace the night.



NYC musician Rene Lopez just released his new EP, Love Has No Mercy, via Liberation Label! Whilst his earlier records have flirted with every genre from Latin soul to rock & roll, the seven tracks on Love Has No Mercy are a decidedly more dance-friendly affair.

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Over the past five years or so, I’ve written quite a bit on the New York-based singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Rene Lopez, who arguably may be among a group of incredibly talented and shamefully under-appreciated artists I’ve covered and have gotten to know. And interestingly, Lopez over the years has proven to be a genre-hopping, genre-blurring chameleon. E.L.S. (short for Electric Latin Soul), Lopez’s 2011 release, saw the New York-based artist meshing salsa, boogaloo, old school hip-hop, merengue and electronica to create a sound that was a loving homage to Latino New York but with an inventive, modern re-interpretation.


Recording review - Rene Lopez, Love Has No Mercy (2014)

Rene Lopez continues spiraling in on his idealized target of electric Latin soul. His last release, Paint the Moon Gold,veered away from the funk to lurch toward R&B pop. On his new EP, Love Has No Mercy, '70s pop has given way to the hybridized disco funk of that same era. The album isn't a one trick pony, but Lopez is more dedicated to club-style rhythms on this release.


Secret Circuit remixes Rene Lopez's "Dance Until the End of Time" [Premiere]

Mercy EP earlier this year, he'd made records with soul and rock and roll influences. But with this latest nu disco-leaning release, we can still pinpoint the link connecting all of his music: Latin influences. Today, we have a track off that EP entitled "Dance Until the End of Time," remixed by LA's Eddie Ruscha, better known as Secret Circuit.


Recording review: Rene Lopez, Paint the Moon Gold (2014)

My first taste from Rene Lopez was 2010's People Are Just People (review), which celebrated his R & B and soul roots. A year later on E.L.S. (review), Lopez reinvented himself and claimed his own genre, "electric Latin soul".  His most recent release, Paint the Moon Gold, bridges the two sides, picking up on pop influences and toning down the funky club beats, but still holding fast onto Latin textures.


From Alt.Latino, Five Conversations With Latin Music's Finest

New Yorker Rene Lopez comes from Fania stock: His dad was a key session man for many classic recordings. Lopez's new album Paint the Moon Gold shows another example of how he's absorbed that influence into his own palette of rock, soul and jazz.



Rene Lopez is quite the talented underrated artists that has yet to be discovered and loved by many. I was fortunate enough to hear about Rene Lopez through Sam Fogarino from Interpol and was addicted ever since I heard, “I Flow”; an amazingly catchy tune.


Rene Lopez: ELS (Electric Latin Soul)

Rene Lopez (pronounced Ren-ey) is a striking Spanish hipster born in the heart of Bronx, New York creating a fusion of sound he calls “electric Latin soul.” His newest solo album, aptly titled ELS, is being released on Nat Geo Records alongside the recently signed festival favorites Toubab Krewe. Lopez seems to be gaining a similar, jam-rock oriented fan base, and it’s clear from his album why, though his work with John Butler Trio’s Money Mark and ‘90’s jam band Wasabi doesn’t hurt.  


LIFE IS AWESOME: Rene Lopez: Making music with heart and soul

When I first heard Rene Lopez’ music I instantly fell in love with his deep voice and distinct electro-soul sound. With the release of his new album ELS(which stands for Electric Latin Soul, a term Rene coined for the new style of music he’s developed that contains a mix of Latin soul, boogaloo, rock, hip-hop, and R&B), the New York native has been playing various venues, including a recent show at The Mint in Los Angeles.


Bronx native Rene Lopez was raised to the sounds of salsa. His dad was a trumpet player for the 1970’s New York band Tipica 73 and brought him along on gigs, eventually inspiring the younger singer’s Latin soul–inflected Rock and Roll. His latest EP, Johnny Wants to be a Matador, is a groovy collection of songs with the Big Apple written all over them.


Premiere Rene Lopez Love has No Mercy

Daft Punk was successful in bringing disco infused music back into the mainstream, paving the way for artists like, Rene Lopez to play with the throwback genre in his new single "Love Has No Mercy." The dance-friendly track is an easy listen and Babeble is excited to be home to the song's official video premiere!


Video Premiere: Rene Lopez - "Midnight Love"

Rene Lopez has always melded different cultures and influences together to create his own fresh sound, and newly released EP Let’s Be Strangers Again certainly sticks to that ideal.



Download Rene Lopez' smooth track "I Flow"


hate it when an awesome jam like this one comes along. Why? Because it makes me want to shut my computer off and head out into the night, pockets filled with cash, cologne splashed on my chest, and my dancing shoes shined up. “I Flow” by Nuyorican artist Rene Lopez is a hot tune that mixes his Hispanic and American musical influences: hip-hop vocals, bangin’ percussion, a brass section, and rock guitars.


JESTER JAY: CD review - Rene Lopez, People Are Just People (2010)

The modern take on pop R&B is often calculated, cynical, and ultimately bland. So, it's refreshing to hear Rene Lopez reach back and channel the joy that used to infuse this music.  People Are Just People is a love letter to the golden age of classic R&B, soul, and funk.


Gabrielle Sierra's Writing PortfolioInterview: Rene Lopez Breaks Out

Rene Lopez is one of the nicest guys to ever buy me a cup of coffee. I identified him immediately by refering to the drawing of the cover of his new album People Are Just People.  Clad in his signature fedora, Rene greeted me with a huge smile and a hug.

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